Holiday Bliss or Holiday Blahs? Bring Out Your Bliss to Make the Most of This Season

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Holiday Bliss or Holiday Blahs? Bring Out Your Bliss to Make the Most of This Season
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‘Tis the season to be jolly, or at least that's what we're told. But let's face it, not everyone feels this way. Grief, loneliness, and depression have a way of showing up, just as the elves ​on the shelves start to appear. Even for those who thrive in the holiday season, not everything is as easy as some make it look. Sometimes, the cookies burn, or we run out of time to make all our plans come true. So, in the spirit of holiday baking, I’m sprinkling some wisdom, adding a dash of humor, and stirring in some self-love to help you turn the blahs into something wonderful!

Recipes for Happiness

Think of each suggestion as a “recipe” to help our body produce our happiness hormones. If we take time to notice, a little joy can appear even in difficult times. Eventually, with some seasonal magic, our glow will shine through again.

Picture of flower one little holiday cookies next to a pine branch.
Cute cat under a Christmas Tree.

Laughter to Lift the Mood

Don’t take the small stresses seriously. It’s important to laugh. Are the cookies burnt? They will make a funny story for years to come. Is the cat destroying the tree? Congratulate yourself on getting your furry friend the best present ever!

Put Things Off without Punishment

​Everyone runs out of time during this season. It’s common, and people understand. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take the easy way out. For example, if you run out of time to send cards or gifts, send a text, make a quick phone call or use social media to let someone know you’re thinking of them. In fact, caring notes may mean more after this busy season. People love to be thought of at any time of year. You can give the gift of kindness anytime!

Holiday card with a tree branch on it.
Woman sitting on bed and reading a book.

Comfort for Care

​Declare a day of joyful jammies! If you’re tired or overwhelmed, give yourself permission to spend a day in your pajamas, sipping cocoa, and watching holiday movies or sports. Your to-do list for the day is to be as comfortable and joyful as possible. Recharge and get ready for tomorrow!

Create a 

Reindeer Team

Rudolph didn’t work alone. He was part of a team. We all need help sometimes. Reach out to others to feel connected. You can also divide tasks and share the joy of spreading holiday cheer. If you have extra time or are running to a store, offer to help someone else. It will make you feel good! 

Reindeer in the snow pulling a sled.

Picture of a snow globe.

Shake Up


Feeling stressed? Imagine yourself in a snow globe. When life shakes you up, take some deep breaths, count to ten, watch the snow settle, and appreciate the beauty around you. Things will look different in a few moments!

Walk Down Memory Lane

Revisit happy memories with gratitude and love. Hold the loving times close to your heart as you make future memories. Next year, the experiences you have today may be some of the happiest moments for you or someone else. Holiday magic means that we may be able to create the best times of our lives even if we don’t feel it in the moment. Make new memories this year!

Candy Canes on a wooden table.

Plant Power

Take a deep breath when you’re around a live Christmas tree. You may get more energy. The scent you’re smelling comes from compounds the tree produces called terpenes. Pinene is the main terpene in pine trees. For some people, it promotes feelings of well-being and may increase your energy and alertness. Many people find that CBD, another compound found in plants also known as cannabidiol, helps them to manage holiday stress. CBD works on the endocannabinoid system in our bodies and helps regulate our mood by helping us balance the hormones that control stress.

Bring Out Your Bliss 

As we make our way through the holiday season, remember that our bodies want us to feel good. When we take the time to do something good for ourselves, our bodies respond by helping us to feel happy. Spontaneously smiling, laughing, dancing, or singing are signs our bodies are producing happiness hormones. Other times, the signs are less obvious. It can seem like we won’t ever be happy again. But just like the sneaky elf on the shelf, our bliss is hiding. Once we get a glimpse of being in a good mood, we begin to notice it more frequently. Little by little, our bodies get used to noticing small signs of joy, and the season gets a little brighter. Suddenly, with some holiday magic, one of the recipes above will help you turn your blahs into bliss! 

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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Holiday Bliss or Holiday Blahs? Bring Out Your Bliss to Make the Most of This Season
Chronic Health Wisdom December 20, 2023
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