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Discover Your Path to Lifelong Well-being

Feeling stuck on your journey toward better health? Let's uncover the path forward together.

As your personal health coach, I'm here to provide knowledgeable guidance and unwavering support to help you achieve your peak health and wellness goals. With over 20 years of experience, I take a holistic approach to care that looks at all aspects of your lifestyle and crafts customized solutions tailored just for you.

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My coaching services revolve around empowering you with the education, tools, accountability and encouragement needed to make lasting positive changes. We'll have open discussions to explore your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations so that the steps we take resonate with your values and fill you with motivation from within.

Together We'll:

Pinpoint your wellness vision and break down big goals into manageable bite-sized actions

We'll clarify your wellness vision, transforming broad goals into clear, attainable actions. Through focused discussions, we'll establish your motivations and set specific, manageable milestones, leveraging SMART criteria to build momentum and maintain your progress.


Identify personalized strategies to optimize nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, and other lifestyle factors

In my programs, lifestyle optimization is key. We'll take a comprehensive look at your lifestyle, identifying tailored strategies in essential areas such as:

  • Nutrition: Together, we'll develop a customized eating plan, addressing meal planning, hydration, supplements, and cravings management.

  • Fitness: Based on your goals and capabilities, we'll devise a balanced fitness routine encompassing various exercise types and ensuring adherence.

  • Sleep: We'll tackle sleep challenges with best practices in sleep hygiene, creating an ideal rest-promoting environment, and addressing nighttime stress.

  • Stress Management: I'll equip you with personalized stress-reduction techniques, ranging from breathe work and meditation to nature engagement and self-care priorities.


Build mindfulness skills for self-care, self-compassion and addressing sabotaging thought patterns

I'll help you develop mindfulness, enhancing self-care and self-compassion, and addressing negative thoughts. Through guided exercises and cognitive techniques, you'll learn to live intentionally, handle setbacks gracefully, and overcome self-sabotaging patterns.


Leverage behavioral science insights and proven techniques for habit formation

To turn motivation into action, I leverage science-backed behavior change strategies. I'll break down the habit formation process, so you understand the cues, routines and rewards that shape habits. We'll re-engineer your environment and daily routines to support your goals. I'll share tools like implementation intentions and temptation bundling to stick to new positive habits long-term.


Establish structures for accountability like check-ins to troubleshoot obstacles as they arise

Accountability is built into my coaching. We'll have regularly scheduled check-ins via phone, video chat or in person where we review progress on your goals, troubleshoot any obstacles, adjust your plans as needed and keep you motivated. I'll offer positive reinforcement while giving constructive feedback when you get off track. As your accountability partner, I'll help answer any questions, provide resources and keep you focused.


Modify plans over time as your needs and priorities shift

This is an ongoing collaborative partnership. Your health is not a fixed end point but a lifelong journey. I'll continually evaluate your evolving needs, interest and responsibilities to modify your plans accordingly. You'll never feel restricted or demotivated by outdated rigid protocols. We'll review what's working, and I'll make adjustments to keep you progressing smoothly toward your goals.

Evaluate and modify

Celebrate each small win while enjoying the journey toward your brighter, healthier future

With each milestone you hit, no matter how small, we'll celebrate your wins. I'll help you stay focused on the progress you've made, not just the road ahead. Coaching is meant to be an uplifting process, not a chore. My goal is that you gain motivation from within, find joy in caring for yourself and feel proud of the steps you're taking each day on your path toward lifelong health and well-being.

celebrate your wins- chronic health wisdom

Energy, Joy, & Resilience 

I'm passionate about helping people thrive and will be your non judgmental guide. You can lean on me for warm, down-to-earth support to turn motivation into consistency and balance intention with compassionate self-care.

Don't go it alone. Together, we'll get you to where you want to be, one step at a time. Reach out today to get started!

Wishing you energy, joy and resilience on your wellness journey!

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